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You Need to Know the Best Coffee Shops Near Mallard Creek Apartments - Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments Blog

You Need to Know the Best Coffee Shops Near Mallard Creek Apartments

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cup of coffee

Who doesn't love coffee?

Some people can barely make it through the day without a cup or three of that aromatic brown liquid in their cup. Surely, many of you can relate! If you are one of the millions of people in the world that need their cup of Joe in the morning, don't despair. There are a ton of really great coffee shops and cafes near Mallard Creek apartments and in the greater Charlotte area.


There are over 50 Starbucks locations in the Charlotte metro area, so no matter where you are in the city there is at least one close by. There are about five locations bordering around Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments, some are even within walking distance. Starbucks is internationally known for its quality espresso drinks. During this time of year, it is all about the Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


The second biggest coffee chain in the city is definitely Dunkin Donuts… or as they recently announced a name change just "Dunkin". It is the perfect spot to grab your morning cup, especially if you prefer your coffee with a side of donut. Plus, you can never go wrong when ordering a Dunkaccino! It is a deliciously sweet coffee drink that is perfect every time.

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The Grounds

The North Charlotte location of The Grounds is just down the street on Brown Road. It doesn't open until 9 am during the week, so if you have to be in the office in the early morning hours it likely won't be your weekday spot. However, since it is also a bookstore, you may want to stop in on the weekend to peruse their selections. There are several locations around the city if the North Charlotte one doesn't have the book you are looking for.

Coffee Cone Cafe

This cafe is located on University City Blvd, and the menu consists of handcrafted espresso drinks, ice-cream, tea, hot chocolates, and shakes. It opens at 6:30 am during the week, so you can definitely make the stop in the morning before getting busy for the day. Although, you may want to try them out on a warm afternoon as well because the ice cream sundaes may outdo their coffee offerings by just a tiny bit.

Barista Craft

Not too far from all Mallard Creek apartments on Highland Shoppes Drive is Barista Craft. This coffee shop wants to be your any time of day spot with a full menu of coffees, teas, and espresso drinks. They also have beer, wine, and coffee cocktails if you are looking for something more than a caffeine buzz.

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Smelly Cat

This coffee shop isn't exactly down the street, but if you work in the NoDa area, it can be the perfect spot to grab your coffee on the way into the office. It is located on 36th street right across from the Neighborhood theatre. Smelly Cat roasts their own ethically sourced beans on site. Plus, they have a cool artsy vibe that is common to the NoDa area. There is plenty of outdoor seating if you have the time to sit and relax.

Trade & Lore

Also in the NoDa area is Trade & Lore is a coffee shop located above the Salud Cerveceria on North Davidson. This shop also has another location in the Asheville area. This shop calls its drinks experimental, and most of the ingredients are of the local and organic variety. They have a quality selection of loose leaf teas if you aren't a diehard coffee fan.

Comic Girl Coffee

If you are searching for a welcoming and inclusive space, Comic Girl is your spot. Located on Commercial Ave, just off Eastway Drive, this coffee shop is here to help you unleash your inner comic book nerd. It is also a great space to help out your neighbors by purchasing a magnet on the "pay it forward" board. Customers who are unable to pay for their coffee can then use one of the prepaid "pay it forward" magnets to purchase a drink or food item.

Tea Fusion Cafe

So, this one is not a coffee shop, but since bubble tea is so popular, it deserves a spot on this list. It is a cute cafe that is a great place for bubble or fruit teas. They also have banh mi sandwiches on the menu and a variety of snacks. They are located just off of East WT Harris next to the Total Wine.

As you can see, there are plenty of coffee (and tea) options in very close vicinity to all Mallard Creek apartments. You should definitely be able to find your perfect cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning and get you prepared for your day. Although, there is no rule that says you have to drink your coffee in the morning!

If have time to stop by the Clubhouse at Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments, we always ready to brew a cup of coffee for our friends. Stop by and see us.

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