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How to Revitalize Your Home with Essential Oils - Phillips Mallard Creek Apartments Blog

How to Revitalize Your Home with Essential Oils

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You’ve probably at least heard of essential oils, but you may not know exactly how to use them, or why you would even want to use them. Our blog post is a great introduction to essential oils and how to use them to refresh and renew your Charlotte apartment!

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are extracted from plants, typically by using steam methods. They derive from the seeds or leaves of many different plants and due to their high concentration, a little oil goes a long way. If extracted correctly, the oils are all-natural and additive/chemical free. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for cleansing, healing, and medicinal purposes and are referenced in many ancient writings.

How can I use essential oils?

There are literally tons of essential oils available for a variety of scents and purposes. The most popular way to use essential oils is through a diffuser, which uses water to create and diffuse essential oil-infused steam. This is a great way to purify the air in your home and make your Phillips Mallard Creek apartment smell amazing!

Many essential oils can be used for homemade cleaners due to their antibacterial properties. These oils include lemon, lime, cinnamon, orange, clove, geranium, tea tree, and rosemary. A quick Pinterest or Google search will provide you with unlimited ways to use essentials oils for making your own DIY household cleaners!

Certain essential oils can even be used for medicinal purposes such as treating bug bites (lavender), migraines (peppermint), to clear chest congestion (eucalyptus), soothe minor burns (lavender), and the list goes on. Check out this link to learn about ways you can use essential oils for a variety of health-related issues and benefits. Please note that some oils shouldn’t be put directly on the skin and need to be diluted with a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil, before use.

Our Favorite Oils for Diffusing in Your Charlotte Apartment

By now you may be wondering with so many options and oils available, what are the best ones for diffusing in your home? We think the following list is absolutely perfect for keeping your Phillips Mallard Creek apartment purified, energized, and smelling fantastic! Don’t forget to only use a few drops of oil with each diffusion session.

-Lemon: Not only does lemon essential oil smell fresh and amazing, but it can also repel insects!

-Lavender: Need a chill pill? Diffuse lavender oil! It is known for it’s relaxing and soothing properties.

-Orange: Orange essential oil is credited with helping one focus. It’s energetic vibes are fresh and great!

-Ylang Ylang: Diffuse ylang ylang if you’re feeling anxious, down, or moody and let it help give your mind a rest.

-Cedarwood: If you’re into yoga or meditation, cedarwood is perfect for diffusing during these times!

-Sage: Sage essential oil is associated with better, more restful sleep.

Did you know that you can mix essential oils together to create custom blends? The possibilities are endless! You can even put your (skin safe) oils in little roller ball bottles and roll a little on your wrist for a quick reset and refresh.

If you’re not already using essential oils, we encourage you to give them a try and see what you think! Already love essential oils? Are you excited about revitalzing your Mallard Creek apartment? We’d love to know what’s your favorite in the comments!

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